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Euler Hermes’ Economic Outlook gir deg en oversikt over de siste makroøkonomiske tendenser og konkursutvikling.
Publikasjonene utarbeides av spesialister og økonomer fra Euler Hermes over hele verden. De behandler tidsaktuelle temaer innen forskjellige land, sektorer og bransjer og hjelper deg til å vurdere global risiko og nye muligheter i markedet.


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Latest Issues​


​​Economic Outlook, September 2017 - The Auto World Championship: The race for sales, electric cars, profitability and innovation ​​

Special report

Worldwide vehicle sales are forecast to reach 95.8 million in 2017 (+2.1% annual growth rate) and 98.2 million in 2018 (+2.5%), boosted by sales growth in China and India. 

The auto market is on course to reach a milestone in 2019, when 100 million units are expected to be delivered to clients.


Economic Outlook, July 2017 - High Stakes game: Payment behavior, Cash piles and Major insolvencies ​

Insolvency report

From payment behavior to cash piles to major insolvencies, companies have to face a shifting payment-risk landscape. Payment behaviors continue to be tense: 1 out of 4 companies worldwide are paid after 88 days. In China, for example, Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) has climbed to a nine-year high of 89 days in 2016. 


Economic Outlook, May 2017 - Retail, Disrupted: Pressure and Potential in the Digital Age

Special report

Euler Hermes’ Digitail (Digital Retail) survey measures risks related to the rapid digitization of the retail sector. Our scorecard aims to gauge the digital pressure and digital potential based on ten indicators in twelve countries.

It is derived from secondary data such as financials and national statistics, as well as in-house expert judgment from 1,500 credit analysts and underwriters around the world. Omni-channeling, cost of online presence, and mobility are perceived as the top three industry disruptors. Yet there is much regional and local divergence.

Economic Outlook Jan 2017

Economic Outlook, January 2017 - Superheroes, sidekicks and villains - The Guardians of the economy

Macroeconomic and Country Risk Outlook

Global GDP growth is expected to end up at +2.5% in 2016, showing resilience in spite of the many economic and political hurdles. In 2017, growth should pick up to +2.8%, staying below +3% for the seventh consecutive year.


Economic Outlook, January 2017 - Insolvencies: Tip of the iceberg

Insolvency report

In 2016, companies struggled to stay resilient despite robust support from policymakers. Strong deflationary pressure and subdued global demand made life harder for businesses. After two years of substantial declines in insolvencies, in 2016 our Global Insolvency Index will record a limited drop of -2%.